On August 1993, with the decision of the Spiritual Assembly, as a generous gift, ‘Galibi’ branch have been granted as the divine appearance of Kadiri and Rufai Tariquat’s Unification.Among the fortunate followers of Allah’s Way, who carry the attributes of Allah’s Mercy and ready in that Assembly were the Big Sheikh Seyyid Abdülkadir Geylani, Seyyid Ahmede’r-Rufai, Sheikh Ahmet Yesevi, Sheikh Ahmed Kuddusi, and many other our spritual elders.Those Saints were claimed to be seen in dreams of many dervishes and have been filed.May my Allah deem me worthy and grant all His men to benefit from! Amin. ‘Galibism’ branch have been granted as my Allah’s kind Deed.
People who believe in Allah and His Messenger should know and enjoy that the Divine Purpose is not only the substance.As a powerless human being, I try to explain some spiritual manifestation and experiences. Yesterday, in explanations, the fear of hypocracy and being had weight according to the measurement of humanity. I’ve noticed that, this kind of secrecy was giving harm to people from time to time. An expert should tell in a way that people could understand.Because, oath has been revealed without hiding anything. As ‘Knowers’, shouldn’t we still tell the Mercy of Allah as much as we know? “ We have landed many Verses to the Earth”, Won’t the ones who read these Verses as a Grant of Allah, more or less and enjoy them, tell about those Verses? Will again the masters of religion take this science to their graves? This science of metaphysics is made necessary for the world, since we know how to use the goods appropriately, shouldn’t we appropriately use the meaning which is metaphysic,? The place to use is earth, we should not be unwary!...
While making the philosophy of the substance, people should contemplate the meaning sincerely while pleading Allah. They will see and live the reality. Insallah, they will be among the mature men of Allah who have perceived the value of this kind of Spiritual Way.
“ Mention Allah by yourself day and night in a low tone by pleading and shuddering” (Surah Araf-205.)
As Masters of Zikr order to do lessons day and night, do not be insensitive, do not leave pleading with Zikr. You should both fear and hope! Be slient enough that only you should hear.Then with the appearance of Divine Mercy, gooseflesh will appear which is the product of your weakness.This is the first step of ascent to Heaven It is a maturity to keep this situation longer. Spritual circumstances are not in the hands of  a person, they are in the hands of Divine Power.
Everytime we need Eminent Allah’s Mercy, Grant and Rewarding.It should not be acting like a know-it all but there is not any blank of belief to my spritual duty and to Allah’s existence, to fact that Prophets are His Messengers and to the meaning of the in creeds(amentü) whole.I glorify Allah.
Whole through my life, as a powerless man of Allah, with my spiritual duty and joy which is a Grant of my Allah and which I’ve never could escape from the influence, I’ve lived my closeness to my Allah in small swallows and in my every breath and I will continue living.With the appearance of spiritual joy, I feel no doubt that the power who delights my substance and my meaning is the Divine Mercy.
Even after death, without Divine Mercy, a life’s meaning and substance do not change.I’ve seen and lived and I know that real death is death without meaning.The fear of being excluded from Divine Compassion is my biggest fear and pain.
There are so many metaphysical appearances and manifestations in both substance and meaning sides of my life. I am compelled in realizing my wish and duty to tell whole humanity.
Allah had put His Omnipotence Seal on the booklet I was trying to write as a powerless man of Allah.  PC and printer were the means. They did not give any effort. Allah has made people who were accustomed to technology, withnesses to that divine event. The original seal is always waiting for the specialist who wonders.The event is beyond technology and needs subconscious explanation.
I take refuge behind Allah in an effort to find solution to explain and tell this best.I hope the explanation to come from Allah, Amin.
For a month, authorities are examining joyfuly.They could not make progress in the physical explanation, and will not be able to.May Allah give consent to them.If it would not be regarded insolence, I humbly request from Allah, the comprehension of this event related with humankind. You should not compare this request and will with insolent behaviour of some lazy men under the mask of putting themselves in Allah’s Hand.
Eminent Allah had created the Ore and the knowledge of doing.That means He had created water and soil, it is you who will mix them together to make the brick.Never ask Eminent Allah also to make the brick.This will be insolence to Allah. Know your duty as a man of Allah. Allah had given authority to His Prophets to have the detailed knowledge of His Divine Orders. You can not say ‘ I do not pay attention to messengers, your explanation is enough for me’. The whole universe is ornamented with Divine Mercy. Humankind was made able and strong-willed on Earth.They were created familiar to beauties. While the Address;“I’ve created this world, you wil put in order” is appearing in every occasion, do not say unctuously, < don’t make me tired, You do this as well> in daily life. Other than managing the actions and behaviours of societies with methods of people who have perceived their responsibilities within grasp capacity of their belief and minds, never say to Eminent Allah, “they do not bother us, you do it for us”.This will be rudeness and insolence.
Dervish says, “ hasbünallahi veni’mel-vekil” ( you are attorney of the universe).But don’t go too far. Eminent Allah is neither your lawyer nor your servant in the fields that you have enough strength to handle with. Do not forget your will power. You become funny.Because you do not know these facts, you make non-expert people laugh at you.
Here is, a metaphysical event that can not be solved by inteligence, science and logic and will never be solved and which is open and appropriate to examination:
In year 1999, June 24th, on our Prophet’s birth day celebration which we celebrate as a bayram; I was printing the text I had written for filing. At the beginning of page 60, near the edge, a mark, inside a 12,5cmx12mm unsual double-printed frame on yellow gold gilded ground with red and green dots had appeared.It was not appropriate with normal page set-up and not a product of screen and printer and even was not on the screen and it would not be possible to print again. The print was multicoloured and had ornamanted with names and seals written like Kufic Script like in Koran and could hardly be seen by naked eye.Technology and rationalistic religion were unable to explain…
‘Whatever created by the owner of all Allah, is a Justice,
Give consent to every accident and misfortune, Allah is generous.’
This kind of appearances do not disturb the believers who carry their responsibility and add to the joy of their belief. The event was appeared in front of Mehmet Sen Efendi and Tarik Küçükkalipçi Efendi who were used to spritual manifestations and who had higher education, Allah had also made them witnesses. They were also surprised with the sudden appearance of the Seal on the page just like falling from the heavens and without help of any instrument.
Eminent Allah writes the identity of this powerless man of Allah that would shock rationalistic ulama: “ H.Galip Hasan Kusçuoglu, Kadiri, Rufai, Galibi Sheikh, Sufi.” on a plate ornamanted with Kufic script and seals with black Latin script.
May Allah make our Dervish brothers who have duties on Lodges be awake on those principles, Amin. As a powerless man of Allah my devotion has become 56 years. With my sufistic experience more than half a century and knowlegde acquired from my Elders of Way I say that: It should be your aim to be a men to Allah and be a Muslim Community worthy of His Messenger.Even it is difficult, close the ways with your will power in your real self, going to being, pride, selfishness not to be able to opened again. To earn your living, always choose the halal earnings.Never embezzle the right and belongings of anyone.Never use your belief and religion to make material advantage. Never tell a lie whatever the reason be. Do not make gossip.Never use your religion to bind people.Never leave straigthness even at the cost of your lost.Always be in theservice and respect your elders with love and affection. Respect the ones elder than you.
Eminent Prophet of Allah has said that: “ Try not to be cursed for your cruelty against two innocent people” Who are those innocent? 1-orphan 2-your family which is a divine entrust. And the prophet said: “ Say Allah, and walk straighforward!”
Follow the perfectly correct way Allah had ordered.If your wish is to reach the state where you have the perception of being null in the presence of Allah and abase yourself, this is the shortest way of God’s Compassion. Make your heart which is aimed at the meaning steadfast in that way.May you become among the ones whose steadfastness approved by Allah.Amin.
Depending on your power, try to obtain Godsent blessing of the hereafter which is eternal.Never neglect to obtain legitimetly the Godsent blessing of this world as well.It’had been created for loyal men who have understood Allah well and obey His rules fastidiously.See this reality, never be among the unwary. Athough there are spiritual motes in the beauties of the substance, they are derived and insignificant. Do not devote your bodily emotions and needs to substance in other words to world just for this bit mote. Do not become among the poor who neglect the eternal world which is reserved for their eternal settlement. Understand our Prophet well who says “The best of you is who do not leave the hereafter for this world and who do not leave this world for the hereafter”. Your ability to say, “ I do not like the ones who sinks” has given to you in the past eternity and waits for you in your love garden, you have time till your last breath. Please use this opportunity well, do not behave coquettishly.
Do not neglect the lesson and Zikr that you’ve  promised Eminent ALLAH to perform and continue to perform affectionately.Show your loyalty till the end of your life. Performing Zikr(mentioning the name of Allah) is a divine mercy granted to all men of Allah.It is an unchanging rule of Allah.Your Zikr and Lesson are exceptional spritual Rizk that has been granted to all men  from Divine Mercy by the Prophets.It is a Divine arrangement and organization which has been granted to loyal men of Allah. Be grateful of having share from that Divine Mercy which was appeared with the repetition of prostrating to Allah in the time when souls had not entered into the body yet.Be loyal to Divine Mercy during your life.
Are you looking for the address ‘Eat from the food that Allah’s given!’ in other places? Look after the vineyard to get grape, in this way you’ll have gall to eat them.Understand this well: The way of a man to look at meaning who is blind in the meaning sense also show his way of looking at Allah. Allah also looks at him the same way. You should learn to look from its expert in order to recover from being cross-eyed.
To look cross-eyed to Allah ruins affirming the Unity of Allah.
You should know that tellings like ‘we have come from Allah and go to Allah’ and ‘we are a part of Him’ are not appropriate with Science of Allah’s being Unique and the performance of religious duties of accepting Allah’s being unique and it is also not appropraite with His Personal Attributes.
The essence of the coviction in Eminent Koran are in two parts:.This is explained like that: A useful science is the science which is useful both in the world and in the hereafter and the performances which makes the good man, a true believer whose performance is good and makes the good woman, a true beliver.
Never be in an assulting belief and behavior to our other Prophets with the false knowledge you’ve acquired and with the thinking of giving much honour to the Prophet whom you are obliged under his Sheria.
To make a distinction between Allah’s Prophets is contrary to Divine Order and Arrangement and an opposition to the conditions of Belief.