Sufism; is a way to reach “Divine World” by sorting&cleaning the Real Self and puring the Soul. Sufism is not outside Religion, it is Religion itself.Tariqats are branches of Sufism.Religious Sects are branches of Figh. It is an ignorance to deny these. It is Love which distinguishes man from animal. Love is a Divine Mercy, a Divine Love and the Secret of Creation  that Allah had granted to His Man to know Him better. The Spiritual Maturation of the Heart is provided by Sufism and by continuous Zikr of the Names of Allah.
If we want to be happy in this life and in the hereafter we should be in an effort to reach the joy of being a Man to Allah. We should not be away from the Joy of being an appropriate man of Allah.It should be our aim and joy to be in the rank of happy men of Allah who had been granted by eternal Divine Mercy, who had been delighted and had been the means of Divine Mercy. To perform our duty of being a man of Allah with belief and sincerity, to see with ‘eye of heart’ which is also a Mercy of our Creator, and to know the truth as needed. May Allah should not deprive from His Mercy!
With our attitudes and actions which have been granted by Eminent Allah, we should know to beg and demand in a Sufic Language.It is rarely seen that wish and demand which do not pass through heart whose Nazargah is Divine are complimented by Divine Presence.The way passing through heart to brain is a way of love of sufic masters.The flow from brain to heart has no reality rather than gathering knowlegde and knowing. Listen to the warning of Muhammed Ikbal sincerely, and contemplate. Without considering the means which are Divine Mercy, it is gullibility to have the misbelief of obtaining both the substance and the spirit.
“You’ve collected and accumulated science, however you’ve neglected love, I pity that wealth you had lost.”
O Man! You are not the creature and thing which had been made servant to man.You are the secret and core of creation which had been a means by Eminent Allah to be known. It is obvious that you are alike to other creatures but you are a human being whom had been created suitable to be a man of the Spiritual Sea. You had been created from Divine Love. You had been granted suitable to know your Creator. You had been granted the opportunity and chance to know your Creator as much as you know your weakness.
O Loyal Man! who is trying to maintain his life with the pleasure of adapting to Divine Order by glorifying Allah and by mentioning Him much and who is marveling at his Creator by seeing the reality in every  phase of his life; as much as you recognize that opportunity, never suspect! All these merits are withnesses showing that you are in love with your Creator.
Love as a meaning, is a divine concept.There is no metaphorical love. Wish is metaphorical.Demand is metaphorical. It is a need of real self. Metaphorical love ends after encountering with the thing being missed. As for divine love, it increases with closeness.And encountering is not the end of divine love.Manifestation of divine love is not the joy of real self, it is the nourishment of the soul, the means of the creation, the certificate of sufism as a meaning.
Without forgetting the addressing of Eminent Allah: ‘ O, Men! I’ve created the Earth, you will put it in order’, which had been organised and arranged by Allah and the men had been made responsible from performing, we should know our duties appropriate with our weakness, appropriate with the divine order.We should not act wrongly in submission to the arrengement and organisation of Eminent Allah. You should not go out of being a men to Allah by not performing the duties of our being a men of Allah and by saying, ‘ we also assign that job to you, please you perform this as well’ and by drawing back to a corner of oneness.Never tell the name of this insolence , ‘submission and our weakness’. Also never call this lasiness; Sufism, Tariqat, Sheria and Islam.The ones who live out of Allah’s orders have no precious attributes that are all divine mercy, Do not be unwary!...
Assigning the little will you have to Eminent Creator is out of being a men of Allah.Know that well!
How well had he told our deceased poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy in his poetry, the situation of the people who had formed bad beliefs because of  ignorance and layzness without knowing the duties of being a Man to Allah. I try to announce his wise verses to my Dervish brothers sharing his beliefs with our unchanging belief and behaviour and wishing them to be taken as a sample.
“Kadermis” Öyle Mi? Hasa, Bu söz Degil Dogru;
Belani Istedin, Akkah Da Verdi..Dogrusu Bu.
“Çalis” Dedikçe Seriat, Çalismadin, Durdun,
Onun Hesabina Bir Çok Hurafe Uydurdun!
Sonunda Bir De “Tevekkül” Sokusturup Araya,
Zavlli Dini Çevirdin Onunla Maskaraya!
Birak Çalismayi, Emret Oturdugun Yerden,
Yorulma, Öyleya, Mevla Ecir-I Hasir Iken!
Yazip Sabahleyin Ecden Çikarken Islerini;
Birer Birer Oku Tekmil Edince Defterini;
Bütün O isleri Rabbim Görür: Vazifesidir..
Yükün Hafifledi…Sen Simdi Dogru Kahveye Gir!
Çoluk Çocuk Sürünürmüs Sonunda Aç Kalarak…
Hüda Vekil-I Umurun Degil Mi? Keyfine Bak!
Onun Hazine-I In’ami Kendi Veznendir!
Havale Et Ne Kadara Masrafin Olursa …Verir!
Silahi Kullanan Allah, Hududu Bekleyen O;
Levazimin Bitivermis, Degil Mi? Ekleyen O!
Çekip Kumandasi Altina Ordu Ordu Melek,
Senin Hesabina Küffari Hak-Sar Edecek!
Basin Sikildi Mi, Kafi Senin O Nazli Sesin:
“Yetis” De, Kendisi Gelsin, Ya Hizr’i Göndersin!
Evinde Hastalanan Varsa, Borcudur: Bakacak;
Sifa Hazinesi Derhal Oluk Oluk Akacak.
Demek Ki: Her Seyin Allah…Yanasman, Irgadin O:
Çoluk Çocuk Ona Ait: Lalan Bacin, Dadin O;
Vekil-I  Harcin O; Kahyan, Müdür-I Veznen O;
Alis Seninse De, Mesul Olan Veristen O;
Denizde Cenk Olacakmis…Gemin O, Kaptanin O;
Ya Ordu Lazim Imis…Askerin, Kumandanin O;
Köyün Yasakçisi; Sehrin De Bas Muhassili O;
Tabib-I Aile, Eczaci..Hepsi Hasili O.
Ya Sen Nesin? Mütevekkil! Yutulmaz Artik Bu!
Biraz Da Syagi Gerektir…Ne Saygisizlik Bu!
Huda’yi Kendine Kul Yapti, Kendi Oldu Hüda;
Utanmadan Da “Tevekkül” Diyor Bu Cür’ete, Ha?!...
Our Prophet has told Hazreti Ali that:
O Ali! You are the Lion of Allah, powerful, fearless, brave,
But do not trust and lean on your lionheart, Take shelter in the shadow of the Tree of Hope,
Take Shelter in the shadow of a Sheikh who could never be departed from the Straight with stories and rumors…
His shadow on Earth is like Mountain of Kaf, his soul is flying and travelling high like Simurg…
It will not finish even I praise and tell him till doomsday. Do not look for an end and interruption to this praising.
The sun has covered her face with a human shape, She has been hiden in human form. Well then you understand! Allah knows the truth.
O Ali!  Among all worships for Allah, choose to take shelter in the shadow of a person who had reached Allah’s Mercy.
Everybody had hold a way of worship and sticked to a remedy for release.
You better take shelter in a shadow of a Sheikh so that you could release from the enemy who fights secretly.
This situation is better for you from all worships.By this way, you can pass all the people who has proggessed on the Way, you will be on the front.
As soon as you find a spritual guide, submit him immediately, be under order of Hizir and walk like Moses.
O! The one who never knows sowing discord…In order not Hizir to tell you “go on, it is time to leave!..”, you should be patient to things that Hizir do.
If he breaks down the ship, do not say anything, If he kills the child, do not tear your hair,
Since Allah named his hand as “it is My Own Hand”;
And had ordered (Surah Fetih, 10)..
Although Allah’s hand kills him, He will revive him again, not even He revives him He also will give him the eternal life.
Seldomly who had proceeded on this way on their own, had also taken the help of Sheikhs and reached their targets by their help.
A Sheikh’s hand is not short, it could reach the ones in the spritual world as well. It is nothing else than Allah’s handle…
Even it is given a Robe of Honor to the ones in the spritual world, the ones who are in the presence are better than the ones in the spritual world.
Think of what beautiful things they can put in front of a guest since they even fill up the ones in the world of absent…
Where is the one that people ties up the Belt of Service in his presence? Where is the one who stands outside the door?...
Once you’ve chosen your Sheikh, never be kind and impatient.Do not be loose like a mud and do not be hanging down in flabby folds.
If you get angry and hate in front of every difficulty, how could you be a mirror without being polished?..
Even a man is an angel, his Book will be black without getting assistance.
Even Angels need the help of Allah and the intercession of spiritually mature special men of Allah….
Hazret-i Muhammet Mustafa (s.t.a.v) Efendimiz Hazret,i Ali (R.A.) Sahsinda, Insan Olmanin Tertib-i Tanzim-i Ilahinin Metafizik Ve Ilm-i Ledünni Yönü Olan Varisün-Nebi, Nedim-i Ilahi, Allah’in Vazifelendirdigi Mürside Biati Has Kullarinin Kemalata Ermesi Için Elzem Kilmis Hazret-i Allah (C.C.)
Before beloved Ali had been granted by the Rank of “Shah of Sainthood” and when he had been granted by Divine Reward by being named as “Lion of Allah”, our beloved Prophet Mohammed Mustapha had had the necessity to name Ali as the “Shah of Sainthood” by declaring the Nur-U Muhammediye emerging from the Divine Radiance to Mohammedian Community in the name of Ali and to all believers of Allah.
Our Beloved Prophet had ordered that “ As you see, this true path is the divine path that goes to the City of Science of divine radiance of Mohammedian. The Way of “Masters of Tariquat” has had its explanation by the address “Ene Medinetün Ali Babuha”.
You should not be aware of Divine Mercy…There should be no suspicion. The spiritual personalities of our ‘Elders of Way’ of which have been made means to Divine Order, are the appearence and manifestation place of the divine radiance of Muhammed till doomsday.
Divine Orders are not only completed in our Prophet’s Character, divine addresses are for all man of Allah.
There is only one Sheikh of a dervish.He is called “father” by meaning, because he is a means of spritual birth.If you could notice, father is only one as in material world. It is the same in sipiritual world. They said, “if there are two fathers, the son will be illegimate”…Halik-I Zul Celal had ordered that:
“Call out the children with their fathers’ names.If you do not know their fathers’ names, they are your brothers of religion”.
If a Dervish whose Sheikh had been passed away, comes to another dervish lodge by a way of asking for divine guidance through a dream,and is accepted to their lodge on the condition that the Great Creator had not given another employed Sheikh.He is not responsible from the old Zikr but does the new Zikr and Lessons.His Sheikh is the previous Sheikh but his master of education has been changed.There is no any other change.A dervish should be loyal.
A dervish has only one Sheikh.There can not be two different Sheikhs.Aiming to become blessed, it is appropriate with customary observances and practices that Sheikhs help each other in the Way of Spiritual Maturity.It is a Divine Mercy. The doors of benefit are hold open. However it is limited by the sign of authority.