Pir-i Gâlibî H. Galip Hasan Kuşçuoğlu says:

609 Years after death of prophet JESUS, in holy Koran which had been bestowed in the time of the Prophet MOHAMMED; all the books and the pages not changing according to the base GOD had declared and had been bestowed according to time by God before, assuredly, are all generous gift of GOD to his men, in order to provide the essence of material and spritual order of human kind!


Whichever of the books and pages had been bestowed to the probhets, all their lifes are the interpretation of the divine order that had been bestowed.


In proportion to sincerity of the believers from every rank who had perceived the essence of the divine order, it is possible to see that they have reached the praise of GOD in every age. For the purpose of announcing this sincerity to all men of GOD; as repeating eminent.


GOD’s declaration we say: "There is one religion Islam" All Muslims are brothers.The Religion of all the messengers of GOD is Islam. The measurement of humankind is the muslim who believes in GOD. Whichever Probhet’s sheria he is bound to, that man of all is mentioned by that Probhet.


Although, it’s a fact that the ones who accepts this truth are in the minority today, more or less the light of the ones who perceive the century has started to be observed. The number of the ones who observe this is increasing gradually, Thanks GOD!


May GOD not destroy the truth, may GOD protect the believers from the cruels "Wickedness". Amen.